20th June Tour of the EWR Proposed Route

Will the EWR trains be friendlier to wildlife than this HS2 one? Find out from Kevin Hand on the 20th June.

On 20 June Kevin Hand will be doing a leisurely bike ride to some of the key wildlife sites mentioned in his Wildlife Impact Report for Cambridge Approaches and talking about the impact on them of the planned EWR Southern route and associated developments.

All welcome to come along for a chat at any point!
1030-1100 Nine Wells (Threatened)
1100 depart, cycle through Hobson’s Park (Threatened)
then via Trumpington Meadows to the Granta at Hauxton Mill (Threatened)
1200 Harston church, walk to the site of the huge viaduct over the River Rhee (Threatened)
Lunch break here.
1.30 Haslingfield church, walk to Haslingfield chalk quarry nature reserve and planned site of the Great Wall (Threatened) The orchids should be in bloom!
3pm Social gathering, Hare and Hounds, Harlton, in view of the southern route.
4pm Kevin will return to Cambridge via Toft village (Threatened) and Hardwick Wood (Threatened) finishing around 6pm

6 replies on “20th June Tour of the EWR Proposed Route”

This is fantastic. We can’t join you all day due to work but will join in the afternoon. Huge thanks. No.46.

Can you take in a view of Money Hill the Bronze Age tumuli on Chapel Hill when you go between Harston and Haslingfield Quarry please.

This sounds good, but only to depress us further with the enormity of what will be lost. This is not a day trip for the locals but should be a tour for those whose decisions will impact our beautiful countryside. Lets get some engineers and ceo’s bums on bikes, then perhaps they would have a ground level view of the impact their decisions will make.
I trust you have extended the invitation to EWR and Mr Blancheflower?

Nicole, That’s a very good point. EWR Co. employees, if you are reading this, you would be very welcome to join us and receive a friendly reception.

I am afraid that we are committed to visiting our son in Brighton that day and cannot join you.
I hope that you can manage press and TV coverage.

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