Bite-Sized EWR Videos

We have put together some short videos which summarise our campaign messages. Don’t forget to respond to the EWR Co. consultation which closes on June 9th 2021. Just say no to question 1!

1 – The South.
2 – Environment
3 – Freight
4 – Business Case
5 – The North

5 replies on “Bite-Sized EWR Videos”

The suggested alternative Northern route going anywhere near Oakington would completely flood the entire village and likely flood the surrounding villages of Histon, Impington and Girton as a result of the embankments needed. Trenching would not work due to a number of technical reasons including the issue of flooding onto the track. Photos from the 2014 flooding in the centre of Oakington are available on social media.

Any northern route would have to completely bypass Oakington or it would mean the entire village would need relocating. Relocating the entire village is of course unrealistic therefore the suggestion to move the route North is a complete non starter.

Mike, thanks for your input on this and for addressing the issues not the personalities. CBRR are proposing trenches with inverted siphons to let the water pass underneath. There would be occasional pumps to keep them clear of water. This technology is not new. Look at the example we gave in Holland where the Brussels to Amsterdam rail link crosses a wet area with full drainage ditches on either side before passing under a tidal river. You paint an apocalyptic picture of the effect on Oakington and surrounding villages. Do you have any evidence for your assertions?

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