Posters – Updated

Cambridge Approaches No EWR Here Poster

We appreciate not everyone is in a location that is suitable, or prominent to display a large poster (this certainly applies to us!). However, by sponsoring posters this will enable us to get the message out to others, who still aren’t aware of EWR! Also, please remember even an A4 self-printed poster up in a window, even an upstairs window, seen by neighbours helps to let people know what is happening. Printing cost of large posters: £40 1.2m x 1m, £26.50 double A3 size, £20 A3 size or any contribution towards posters for the villages will be gratefully received. Get in touch with us on

Posters for Self-Printing

To download the No EWR Here poster for self-printing click here.

A wider selection of newer poster designs are available below for self printing. Consider using the grey version to use less printer ink. Right click on the image you want to download.