About us

In January 2020 the East West Railway Company (EWR Co.) decided to route their railway through the ‘Option E’ in the South West area of Cambridgeshire. 

Cambridge Approaches (CA) was founded by David Revell and Dr. William Harrold, residents of south Cambridgeshire, in the summer of 2020. Formed initially to find a route that minimised the impact on people and the environment through that area, it emerged that EWR Co’s ‘Option E’ decision was flawed and we began campaigning for a review of the decision so that the railway does not approach Cambridge in this way.

Cambridge Approaches now has several aspects that make up our action group:

  1. Cambridge Approaches working group
  2. The Cambridge Approaches Oversight Group – this consists of local parish councils from Cambourne to Trumpington with regular updates.
  3. Village action groups across the affected E corridor. All assisted by CA that are able to keep their village residents up to date via village websites, leaflet drops, campaign literature, village webinars

There are several focused teams shared across the village action groups with experts in each field.

  • Communications
  • Legal
  • Fundraising
  • Environmental
  • Website

We work closely with CamBedRailRoad and other like-minded groups to achieve our aims.

Cambridge Approaches Limited (company number 13165368) set up to support legal aspects of our Campaign.

Our Objectives

We want East West Rail to evaluate a northern approach.

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