Webinar: Fair Consultation on a Northern Approach to Cambridge

William Harrold from Cambridge Approaches and Sebastian Kindersley from CBRR will be presenting on this topic at

7pm on Tuesday 9th March 2021 GMT.

The presentation will be based on the one given to the rail minister on the 23rd February.

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I thought that East West Rail were having a public consultation on January 2021. It’s now the end of February. I still haven’t heard from East West Rail.

from an email received earlier this month from EWR
You asked:

‘I recently asked when the route between Cambourne and Cambridge was to be revealed and I received the following answer “At this stage of the project we can’t be more specific about the exact timing of the next consultation as we’re currently working to finalise our proposals for the alignment of the route between Bedford and Cambridge. It is still our intention to consult on these early in 2021.” I had presumed that this would be the final single route? My further question is therefore that I note you speak about ‘these’. Does that mean the consultation will be on several options? ‘

Our response:

Thank you for your reply.

We are currently developing route alignment options, undertaking surveying and studies across a range of factors to help determine which options we should share with you for consultation. As part of this activity we are considering station sites, studying connections with local transport networks, and undertaking land and environmental surveys.

Once we have options for potential route alignments, we plan to share them with the public during a non-statutory consultation early in 2021. However, in the meantime, we are keen that people from local communities and their representatives keep talking to us and letting us know what their ideas are for the new railway.

Kind regards,

East West Rail Team

Fairly recent press reports and a small piece in parish council minutes about early stage plans for a large housing development in South West Cambridgeshire. A figure of 25,000 house or was it 35,00 houses?

Apparently EWR and even South Cambridge District Council have had discussions with the developer about this and this has been going on for at least 2 years in the background, with the developer suggesting going straight to central government, bypassing local planning. Clearly from the area mentioned this would include Bassingbourn Barracks.

Am I wrong in thinking that these plans OK, “only early stage”, could have anything to do with a south entry to Cambridge or the previous EWR route options? Is this where the reluctance to confirm the true Northern route, rather than this Northern 45 degree to Southern route nonsense comes from?

I hope am sure that Cambridge Approaches are aware of this, I also read that our MP is against this proposal, as is our prospective Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate.

Conspiracy theory or is this getting close to fact? Please your comments.

I hope you can allow me to voice a concern that I’ve mentioned previously.
The remit for EWR appears to only be to produce new journey opportunities within the Oxford – Cambridge arc . Potentially, additional benefit could be realised by incorporaing provision for longer distance traffic, freight and passenger, between East Anglia and Western England / South Wales. Such additional benefit would be likely to much exceed any additional costs. I am hoping this will be taken into account during planning and construction.

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