EWR Co. Drop In Event – 12th Oct 2-8pm Haslingfield Methodist Church

New Date and Venue for Haslingfield Drop In Event

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And so it was! Pointless! No new information, no results of previous consultation “we are still working on it”, maps that did not even show a northern route ………………….. Total waste of time, apart from the excellent white elephant and CA stalls outside the Methodist Church, especially the one showing the layout of the southern route and its proximity to housing and landscape. Well done to those involved in that. Thumbs down to EWR.

OTOH it might be very worthwhile for as many folk as possible to go to this and express our views on the unconventional way this is being handled, the lack of response to our concerns, and the need to listen to our own proposals on the routing using the northern route.

I want to know why EWR haven’t published the results of the consultation and if they won’t change the routing, what they have done about lowering the railway to avoid the proposed blot on the landscape of a 30ft embankment across South Cambs

Just going through the motions. This section of the project could be part of the department budget cuts that will be announced soon. Until told to stop they will carry on with “looking at the responses”, drawing salaries and expenses, in my view it’s known as taking the piss, perhaps?

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