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EWR Briefing and Discussion – Recordings

Thanks to everyone who attended the presentations and discussion on the 26th March 2024 we had around 180 people register for the event. For those of you that could not make it, or those who want to review the material here are the recordings.

  1. Introductions – Dr. William Harrold
  2. Brief History – Dr. Leigh Carter
  3. Business Case – Dr. William Harrold
  4. Cambridge Biomedical Campus Expansion – Annabel Sykes
  5. Construction disruption – Cllr. David Revell
  6. Discussion part 1
  7. EWR experience in Buckinghamshire – Cllr. Frank Mahon
  8. Discussion part 2

There was also a presentation from Cambridge Approaches at the Harston EWR meeting held on the 14th January 2024. Here is a recording of that.

EWR Business Case

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Excellent work there and eye-poppingly worrying. A huge thank you to all the participants. Disappointing (but totally not surprising) that the South Cambs LibDem Parliamentary candidate dropped out of meeting you. Callow. Mobilising the local population sounds like a major job and I wonder what lessons can be learned from other infrastructure projects?

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