CBRR Presentation and Petition

Here is a recording of CBRR’s presentation to the Eversdens on the 17th November 2020. Similar presentations have been given to other local villages most recently to the Shelfords on the 18th December 2020 where local MP Anthony Browne was also present.

Sebastian Kindersley of CBRR makes compelling arguments for a northern approach to Cambridge for the Central Section of the East West Railway.

Sadly, EWR Co. are not currently planning any consultation on approaches to Cambridge north and south. They never have.

However, Anthony Browne reported on Friday’s Shelford meeting that EWR Co. are planning a one year back-check of a northern approach, presumably in parallel with a further consultation about Option E detailed route alignments.

In response to questioning on Friday Mr Browne agreed that this position from EWR Co. does not make sense. He’s right, it’s crazy.

This is an audio recording of the exchange between Anthony Browne, Sebastian Kindersley and a resident of Gt Shelford on the subject of the back-check of the northern approach. We understand that Gt Shelford Parish Council will upload the full recording of the meeting in due course.

Please listen to the presentation and the audio recording and if you also want an open consultation on the right approach to Cambridge do sign the CBRR petition (and get your friends and family to do so as well) – all UK taxpayers will be funding this project after all and we need a say.

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I have written to Anthony Browne asking why the Northern approach appears to have been dismissed on the basis of incorrect cost estimates and a misunderstanding of the CBRR proposal.

The Northern approach has many advantages over the Southern approach particularly in relation to environmental issues and impact at Great Shelford.

Given the noise, disruption and environmental impact that will occur please give more consideration to the northern route – for minimal impact on Cambridge residents

Please consider the Northern route for this rail link.
The Southern route will have a horrific impact on our small village and will be detrimental to our environment.

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