Webinar Programme Spring 2021 – Updated


Our evolving programme of webinars can be found on the Support Us page this website – scroll down to the bottom. Check back there since we will update the programme in due course. For people that missed webinars, many of them are recorded and made available on this website on the Support Us page and elsewhere on this site.

Fair Consultation on a Northern Approach Webinar

William Harrold and Sebastian Kindersley will hold a webinar for the Caldecote area (but all welcome)

at 7pm (BST) on the 4th of May 2021.

*** To register for this meeting click *** here.

It will be based on the presentation we gave to the rail minister on the 23rd February, but we have added new material relating to the current EWR Co. consultation

The last presentation on this subject was given to the Harston area on the 19th of April 2021

A recording of that webinar can be found here.

Cambridge to Newmarket Webinar

On the 16th March 2021 Steve Edmondson, William Armes and William Harrold from CA presented to people affected by the East West Railway on the Cambridge to Newmarket corridor. Our message was to alert people to the effect of the East West Railway both in Cambridge and to the east, especially the impact of freight traffic. We also pointed out that, with the route proposed by CBRR, then these problems can be significantly alleviated either at the time the railway is built or as a subsequent upgrade. This could be achieved for example with a rail chord to the south of Ely.

A recording of that webinar can be found here.

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In 2006 there were apparently 5 black poplars near the Lord’s Bridge Observatory . If these are still there they might be impacted by the proposed EWR development. Black poplars are among the most endangered British trees . I cannot check them out, but someone knowledgable about trees might find it worthwhile to do so.

I have asked my friendly arboriculturalists to have a look but they couldn’t find the 5 Black Poplars at Lord’s Bridge. Can you be more specific as to where they should look? Inside the MRAO site? Visible from the road?

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