Webinar: Fair Consultation on a Northern Approach to Cambridge (2)

David Revell from Cambridge Approaches and Sebastian Kindersley from CBRR will be presenting on this topic at

7pm on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 GMT.

The presentation will be based on the one given to the rail minister on the 23rd February 2021.

This presentation is primarily for residents of Comberton, Barton and Toft, but all are welcome and most of the material is generic.

To register for this zoom meeting please use the link below.

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One reply on “Webinar: Fair Consultation on a Northern Approach to Cambridge (2)”

With the news yesterday that the expressway is scrapped, does this mean that the treasury will be happy for the examination and implementation of the proper Northern route as opposed to the bogus Northern then Southern route.

Previously, as confirmed to me, they would provide no more money, the bogus route alignment (route E) was set in tablets, southern access to Cambridge South as per dear Mr Grayling, (now departed). Grant Chaps does seem to understand the damage to the Tory heartlands of Bucks and Cambs, as our MP said, the more letters the better.

Keep up the pressure, keep them coming folks, the tide is turning in the direction of Cambridge Approaches.

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