Progress Update

Radio Telescopes at Lord’s Bridge (Photo: Doug Thompson)

Thanks to the many people that have responded to the receipt of our flyer. This has not yet been distributed to all the affected villages, but we are working on it. Thanks also to the volunteers who have delivered so many of them already. Haslingfield and Harlton have been done, Barton and Great Shelford are in progress.

We received many responses on expressing support for what we are doing. We have had expressions of surprise, anger, frustration, loss of sleep and sadness about the situation. Also there have been possible solutions for the best route.

We received several comments on the design of the flyer, most commonly – can we have a bigger version of the map? This map shows our view of possible route options. We are working on that and aim to put something on this site soon.

We met with Anthony Browne our local MP. He has been assured by East West Rail that they are working on a solution that will have minimal impact on residents (a figure of 20 houses was mentioned) and that it will run through the northern part of the Option E search area. There are no zero impact options. He also said that they intend to run Electric rather than Diesel trains due a change of policy from the new secretary of state for transport Grant Shapps. Let’s see if these statements are confirmed in writing by EWR. Anthony Browne said that a consultation from EWR with a detailed alignment proposal is expected early in 2021.

We sent a Freedom of Information request to EWR. They have confirmed that they are working on a response and expect to give it to us by 3rd September (which is the statutory 20 working days).

EWR have setup a meeting with Parish Councillors on the 25th August and we will attend that. Some additional questions have been tabled to them for that meeting. We understand that they also have a meeting with County Councillors on the 24th..

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The government appear to be in their own bubble of unreality spending huge and growing amounts on white elephants against all expert advice, Aircraft Carriers and HS2 are current examples. The EWR, although of lesser scale, is lacking any real evidence for its need. One excuse used is to support more housing in certain areas. The evidence for this seems more in the ether than
in fact or figure. Should we not be looking at ways to increase revenue at this crucial time rather than political kudos?. I do not see any leadership to answer this.
Together with other projected developments and those already built south of Cambridge, Haslingfield will cease to exist and what is left merged with Cambridge. The very reasons for those working in Cambridge to live in a village community is lost. The opportunity for those working and have families in Cambridge to enjoy the countryside on their doorstep, without recourse to the car, is lost.
The UK rail system has never made money so why we wish to add to this on no real evidence is questionable.

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