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It’s time to ask again for a fair evaluation the EWR approach into Cambridge either to a north or south station. There are problems with the selection of option E which have been flagged on this site, in our stakeholder meetings and elsewhere.

CamBedRailRoad started a petition before the last EWR Co. consultation with the right question. Their petition to the Department for Transport already has more signatures than the number of people who supported option E in the consultation response.

Let’s push it higher.

To sign the petition click here and follow the instructions

Note that donations are not necessary and will go to rather than CBRR

For an update on Cambridge Approaches see the following webinars

1 – The Eversdens, Harlton, Haslingfield and Harston 2/11/2020
2 – The Shelfords, Hauxton, Newton 2/12/2020
3 – Barton, Comberton, Toft 3/12/2020

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Taken from a cbbr retweet this makes for an interesting read..
Especially when you take into account the current governments largest donors are from the house building and construction industry.
Is this the real reason? Are commuting and likely freight links a show for local people and businesses and the real driving force is the money to be made from opening up untouched prime rural land not available for development through standard processes?

Thanks Cara. Interesting Article. I was looking at the EWR Co. consultation response last night. More people actually preferred a northern approach to cambridge than a southern one even though a northern approach option wasn’t even one of the options presented. This is clearly the wrong answer and was presented as evenly split. Let’s get this petition moving…

The petition link is circulating through Bourn this morning. It may seem that our village is quiet regarding activity but there has been a number of requests and unfortunately these are not being put on the map (in case people think lack of points means lack of requests) This is not the case with many reports of surveys received in the village. Highest numbers appear to be around the Drift, Alms Hill and Caxton End Bourn Brook area.

I can’t find that on their (ghastly) website. Is it there, or did you get it by FOI, because I want to look at it, too.

The are numerous bats along the river and water meadows from Hauxton to little Shelford including Noctule and Daubentons ,and rich wild life habitats including winter feeding grounds for Golden plover .
Act now ,,or lose the habitat for generations to come .

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