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We published a map of alternative route alignments in EWR’s option E search area. These have been presented to representatives of about twelve local parish councils (Toft, Comberton, Barton, The Eversdens, Harlton, Haslingfield, Harston, Hauxton, Little Shelford, South Trumpington, Great Shelford), some district and county councillors and members of the public. The presentation and discussion has been at an on-going series of meetings, with the aim to reach some consensus about their relative merits and for subsequent presentation to other stakeholders including East West Rail. Note these are not the EWR route alignments, we expect those to appear in January 2021.

We would like to present these routes to interested members of the public and, given the Covid-19 situation, the best way is via webinar. As with the parish councils, the routes will be presented by David Revell of Cambridge Approaches who is a civil engineer with extensive experience with railways and a resident of the area.

The schedule of these webinars is as follows:

We expect the webinars to last about an hour and there will be opportunities to ask questions.

Please click on the links above to register for the webinar date that you would like to attend (the content will be the same in each webinar).

There is a limit to the number of people we can support on each webinar, so it may be good to register early.

*** UPDATE 4/10/2020 ***

If you missed the webinar you can view the presentation given yesterday on this link.

If you are concerned about the route that the railway may take through our area you can help generate awareness by print out this poster and putting it your front window.

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Sadly this is a numbers game. Many projects go through because of inaction, indifference and ignorance of those who are affected.
One of the best ways to influence outcomes is to make your views known to the officials concerned. In practical term this means contacting East West Rail, MPs, councillors and anyone else you can think of, and letting them know both the situation and your own views. In the days before email and social media, if your MP or councillor received a couple of letters about an issue they simply ignored them. If they received ten letters they began to sit up and notice. If they received one hundred they had to do somthing!
I’m not sure what the equivalent figures are in todays electronic age, but be sure that any contact is well worth the effort.
Put simply, spread the word, make a nusience of yourself!

Hello Steve – Republished from another web site by Dave agreeing with you that some may have not seen. THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS FOLKS:

August 20, 2020 at 8:18 am

Regardless of this groups best efforts to mitigate impacts locally it is clear with the limited route option 5 that has been chosen, there is very little choice for the local route through the pinch point.
The campaign should concentrate on a tunnel – whether cut and cover or bored (civil engineering requirements dictate which) through the pinch point. I doubt that at this late stage a different route option would be selected.
I am surprised to read that there seems to be little awareness of this project, there has been massive amounts of coverage locally and nationally. CCC have had a lead role since 1995 in the EWR consortium. There is a raised interest in events, a good thing indeed, this link could be at the bottom of YOUR garden.
Regionally and Nationally there is a need for the EWR link, it will either be converted to electric traction quite soon after completion, maybe even during construction as originally intended.
The tunnel and choice of motive power can be influenced if enough people engage and take an interest. The public enquiry could be less than 2 years away, remember the target opening is less than 5 years away, if you are interested, get your skates on folks.

Hello again Steve – further republished from another site by Dave- edited. The boring (but necessary forgotten background has been left off for now.) William or David mention 20,000 people previously. if they don’t get into action then they have nobody else to blame but themselves.

August 23, 2020 at 10:31 am

The line HAS to go somewhere – it HAS to happen.

The repercussions from the Busway decision are having a direct bearing on what can be done now with EWR and with the Cambridge North and south stations. There are many other **** ups that people can think of I am sure.

A massive increase in employment opportunities in and around Cambridge and a world leading Bio-Medical Campus require that we finally get some proper transport systems in place. With the environmental requirements personal transport is no longer an acceptable form of transport, rail and light railways are the way forward as well as walking and cycling.

The children and Grandchildren need to have jobs and houses, yet little thought was given to this until recently by the now retired people who bred them.

Hence this group, which is to attempt the almost impossible task of getting the best outcome for the whole area. Somebody will suffer of course. Hence my call for tunnelling where necessary to negate the worst impacts of this railway.

Engage with your combined authority Mayor and EWR and the Parish Council and this group and as many people as you know to get the best outcome.

An excellent presentation and question and answer session. Well worth the time spent. I think the 40 people attending now have a clear understanding of just how serious this matter is. A very useful additional route was discussed.
David and company, you have done a service, not a disservice, in presenting this, now will people engage with SCDC, MP, EWRL, Grant Chaps etc? I am please you explained your remit, in the next seminar reinforce the fact that you are not responsible, just trying to get the debate going.
EWR and their sponsors, will listen to the “Numbers Game” as Steve put it.

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