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Possible New Route from Cambourne North Station

EWR are assessing new route from a Cambourne North station

The Cambridge Approaches Working Group have recently had two meetings with EWR, the second of which was attended by local MP Anthony Browne. At the first meeting EWR confirmed that they are investigating the feasibility and merits of a route from a possible Cambourne station to the north of the town rather than one close to Caxton, south of Cambourne. At the second meeting EWR said that they would consult on such a route and that the additional transit time compared to option E routes was around 2 minutes.

The Cambridge Approaches Working Group have sketched a possible route – see below – which we will share with EWR.

Note that this is an indicative sketch of a possible route from a station to the north of Cambourne if that option were adopted. It has been developed by Cambridge Approaches is not necessarily one that would be proposed or used by EWR.

Figure 1 Alternative Route 6 Cambourne North to Cambridge South

It would follow a line to the north of the A428, away from the current residential areas to reduce the noise impact. Just to the east of Hardwick it would pass under the A428, under Long Road and cross the A603 via a bridge near the Barton rifle range. It would then arc to the north of Hauxton and cross the A1301 in Great Shelford and connect to the existing line into the planned Cambridge South station.

Not only does this route provide a station closer to existing and planned houses in Cambourne, it significantly reduces the impacts compared to the other routes sketched out by Cambridge Approaches. It would minimise the demolition of houses, have lower noise impact on the area’s residents and expected to have a lower ecological impact. The station in north Cambourne is emphatically backed by Cambourne Parish Council.

This route is called alternative route 6 and is being considered by the Cambridge Approaches Oversight Group consisiting of Parish Councils from Toft to The Shelfords.

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Thank you for the Alternative Route 6. I attended the meeting held last January in Orwell with East West Rail – the most sensible route of all has been totally ignored, that was proposed by CBRR, which runs from St Neots -Cambourne North to Northstowe and into Cambridge North, avoiding more villages etc. Both Cambourne and Northstowe are large new development and would benefit from this rail service as there no existing service. Why is necessary for the rail to go south into Cambridge when it is already served by trains to and from London Kings Cross and Liverpool Street.
The above option in my view is far more sensible than of any others.

I agree with this totally. It would bring benefit to the population of Cambourne and Northstowe and it “hinterland” for transport – it brings NOTHING in transport value to the communities of the South Cambs Villages as in the EWR Option E Corridor … IT WILL bring SIGNIFICANT ADVERSE environmental impact: noise, vibration, visual, ecology, current road / footpath connectivity – MP / Councillors and local interest groups see this ….. why don’t EWR?

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